“Le case più verdi d’Italia” – National Geographic Adventure

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National Geographic Adventure Tv airs ” Le case più verdi d’Italia”, a journey discovering eco-friendly homes of our peninsula. The TV programme consists of a path in the company of Bevilacqua brothers, architects by profession, showing projects with total respect for the environment, capable of balancing technology, comfort and design. At first, they meet the married couple Bocquillon who decided, on the Lucca hills, to build a studio-house in the rock with zero kilometer materials, aiming for energy self-sufficiency with a rainwater harvesting system, a fireplace heating system and an innovative system of ventilation, the lift roof. Marco and Marta’s tour continues in Umbria, where Johannes and Luisa await them to show their “small” sustainable village with photovoltaic panels for energy production and thermal solar panels for hot water, and a green roof which guarantees the thermal insulation.



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