Fendi “Un Art Autre” – The Introduction Room

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The introduction room is a multisensory tunnel which guides the visitors into the Fendi’s world: an emotional video and a sound installation introduce the audience to the Fendi Fur history from the Sixties to the present, and to become a part of this. One last obstacle: a fox fur tulle curtain to push aside, taking pleasure from the impalpable lightness.


Client: Fendi
Location: Beijing Shing Kong Place, China
Date: October 2013
Area: 1000 sqm
Exhibition Curator: Emanuela Nobile Mino
Design project: Bevilacqua Architects (Marco Bevilacqua)
Constructions and Production: RSP | Roger Samson
Light Design Intervention: Johanna Grawunder
Sound Intervention: Flavia Lazzarini
Graphics and Catalogue: Fermenti Design Agency | Federico Mancini
Technologies: Informasistemi | Fabio Conforti
Exhibitors Production: Brancalab | Andrea Branca
Photo: Fendi

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