Fendi “Un Art Autre” – Beijing 2013

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As well as a brand new exhibition concept has been expressly conceived by curator Emanuela Nobile Mino for “Un Art Autre” exhibition in Beijing, an original set up has been designed by architect Marco Bevilacqua for this occasion. The main inspiration for the whole display comes from the symbolic meaning of the number 8 that, particularly in China, is strictly connected to the idea of fortune and his positive vibes.  The iconography of number 8 also refers to the concept of infinite and so to the idea of continuous development, cyclical innovation and everlasting continuity, all aspects that combine with FENDI’s attitude, history and philosophy. The choice of taking the number 8 as the main inspirational symbol is also due to an important and crucial coincidence: on 2013 FENDI celebrates its 88th anniversary of its foundation on 1925. An 8-shaped building has been designed to be installed in the middle of SKP square – where one of Fendi boutique in Beijing is located – as a sort of pop-up FENDI museum. Inside this unique building, the exhibition, conceived to be both didactical and emotional, develops step by step the main keyword concepts that FENDI distinctly embodies: tradition, research, innovation and exclusivity.


Location: Beijing, Shing Kong Place, China
Area: 1000 sqm
Exhibition Curator: Emanuela Nobile Mino
Design: Bevilacqua Architects (Marco Bevilacqua)
Constructions and Production: RSP | Roger Samson
Light Design Intervention: Johanna Grawunder
Sound Intervention: Flavia Lazzarini
Graphics and Catalogue: Fermenti Design Agency | Federico Mancini
Technologies: Informasistemi | Fabio Conforti
Exhibitors Production: Brancalab | Andrea e Stefano Branca
Photo: Fendi

  • Date: Oct. 2013
  • Client: Fendi
  • Filed under: Exhibit