GB Place

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Trastevere, kaleidoscopic human crossroads, and a house which is not less than the premises, or rather, it fulfills them amplified: a liveable exhibition of furniture, objects, works, books, contextualized in an interior with a strong identity, melting point between the past of materials preserved and plasterwork restored. and the present of a collection ranging from vintage design to pop-surrealist paintings. The house designed by Bevilacqua Architects is a showcase of a cultured and irreverent lifestyle, but also a place to communicate creative ideas (photo shooting – movie set – artistic installation), emphasized by a space which is already performance in itself.


Location: Rome, Italy
Design project: Marco Bevilacqua, mdaa
Constructions and Production: Brancalab | Andrea Branca
Photo: Giovanni Battista Guidi

  • Date: Oct. 2012
  • Client: GB Place
  • Filed under: Interior
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