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In the center of Rome, situated near Piazza Venezia, you can find a historic building which was contrived by Petroni’s family in the 1536. Later, around 700s, the edifice was inherited by Cenci- Bolognetti’s family and took the name of “Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti”. Inside this historic building, a clothes shop called Reckon has been installed. The owners of the shop are two Fashion Stylists, who wanted to spring out, in Rome, the brands connected with the Streetwear style.
Therefore, the project consists in putting together decor and installation inside the classic untouched background.
To reach this objective, the technological systems, such as the electrical and enlightenment ones with the conditioned air, have been exposed with an industrial approach. Even the neon light, the steel cable, the iron frame and the wood’s structures remember a factory.
The typical 18th-century roman floor has not been touched by us, so we could have found a connection between the floor and the interiors furniture. This idea gives us the possibility to stand out the streetwear clothes, which is able create a “street” cloths without losing the past style.


Design Project: Matteo Zardini – Bevilacqua Architects
Year: 2018
Location: Rome
General Contractor: PMC Costruzioni
Photo: Beatrice Nalin





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