Indipendenza Studio

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In the Macao historic district, an exhibition space was born to honor the artists of the 19th century generation. It is “Indipendenza Roma”, whose name does not merely refer to the square where it is located. Indipendenza is the force animating the project of displaying art in an unconventional way: an apartment with richly frescoed vaults and colorful floors, where international artists not only expose their works but work and stay during the exhibition period. The intervention is almost a restoration, aimed at conservation as much as possible, even the old wallpapers. If the recovery was not applicable, the walls and the interior partitions, are deprived of décor: a white band, which allows the eye to enjoy every single picture or installation in contrast with the atmosphere.


Client: Private
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: October 2011
Area: 1000 sqm
Exhibition Curator:  ing. Marco Zevi
Design Project: Marco Bevilacqua, mdaa

Photo: Indipendenza Studio


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