Fendi “Un Art Autre” – The Catalog

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To prolong this journey through the history of Fashion, a catalog for guests: not only contains the models but also specific processing as the “drapery”, the “tile”, the “inlay”, enriched with illustrations, cards and sketches, and overview of fur created from the ’60s till today.


Client: Fendi
Date: October 2013
Exhibition Curator: Emanuela Nobile Mino
Design Project: Bevilacqua Architects |  Marco Bevilacqua
Sound Intervention: Flavia Lazzarini
Graphics and Catalogue: Fermenti Design Agency | Federico Mancini
Photo: Fermenti

  • Date: Oct. 2013
  • Client: Fendi
  • Filed under: Exhibit
  • Link: www.fendi.com