Roof Garden at the heart of Rome

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“…se vuoi essere felice per tutta la vita,
fatti un giardino.” (cit. Carlo Scarpa)

“…if you want to be happy for the rest of your life,
make a garden.”

This private rooftop is situated at the heart of Rome with an amazing panoramic view. It features two zones shielded by high-tech curtains: one near the house serves as a dining area with a big table made of black polished marble and the other as a lounge with view towards the historic city. These two areas enclose an intimate and protected patio, reinterpret the Italian traditional gardens and celebrate the luxuriant greenery, using contemporary lamps and metal frames, that remembers the traditional wrought iron structures. The geometry and the partition make a path, surrounding the luxuriant green patio, that allows frame each panoramic spot.

Location: Rome, Italy
Date: sept 2016
Client: Private
Type: Landscape Design

Photo: Stefano Bruni

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