Plart – Museo delle Plastiche

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The fluidity of a suspended ribbon heals the vaulted spaces in a unique exhibition path for Plart’s plastic work. The structure is a single large curvilinear volume, hung at about 1.50 m from the ground, made of two black parallel planes in thermoformed Corian by new generation acrylic matrix, closed by an opalescent backlit backdrop and, at the front, by a transparent, thin methacrylate . The room, intentionally kept in the shadows, accents the play of lights: to the cold light diffused from the back, spotlights positioned flush with the top plate, act as a counterweight, to enhance colors and shapes of the objects in display.


Credit: Progettazione conto terzi, del sistema espositivo dello spazio museale Plart. Dipartimento Itaca
Client:  Plart, museo delle plastiche, Napoli.
Scientific supervisor: Prof. Cecilia Cecchini.
Date: 2007
Location: Napoli


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