Mazzini Apartment

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A typical plant of an apartment in the historic district “Prati delle Vittorie” in Rome, of a Roman lawyer, in which the black waxed steel components chase each other: the portals’ jambs that replace the doors, the beading of the parquet laid straight, the shelves in the raised studio and the large container element in the living room, combine to give the house a discreet, masculine unity, tempered by the inclined ceiling and by furnishings that blend contemporary design and antiques.


Client: Private
Location: Rome
Date: May 2012
Design Project: mdaa, Marco Bevilacqua
Constructions and Production:  Brancalab | Andrea Branca
Photo: Giovanni Battista Guidi

  • Date: 31.03.2014
  • Client: Gianni Ballarani
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