Fendi “Un Art Autre” – The Fur Atelier

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To create a focus on the maison’s handmade know-how, but mixed to digital technologies and craftsmanship, so as to the present and the tradition coexist, during the exhibition, in the Fendi Fur Atelier, some artisans work “live” in front of the audience, demonstrating the complex and masterly process that leads from the artistic project / sketch to material creation of the object of desire. The side wings of their workbench, interactive, told in visual contributions and interviews with founders, the years of production (such as video documentary, video interviews, important press editorials and cover magazine dedicated to Fendi Furs, and celebrities spotted wearing stunning Fendi Fur pieces).  The room is also provided with fur-working boards and working canvas, set on the perimeter, to offer the audience a direct experience of the refined studies and handmade works that precede the final manufactured product. In the exhibition, the visitor has at his disposal a further level of experience, a customizable one, this time: a touch screen becomes a multimedia catalog in order to have some interactive insights about each piece in the collection.

Client: Fendi
Location: Beijing Shing Kong Place, China
Date: October 2013
Area: 1000 sqm
Exhibition Curator: Emanuela Nobile Mino
Design: Bevilacqua Architects (Marco Bevilacqua)
Constructions and Production: RSP | Roger Samson
Light Design Intervention: Johanna Grawunder
Sound Intervention: Flavia Lazzarini
Graphics and Catalogue: Fermenti Design Agency | Federico Mancini
Technologies: Informasistemi | Fabio Conforti
Exhibitors Production: Brancalab | Andrea e Stefano Branca

Photo: Fendi

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