Fendi Brass Display

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For the exhibition at the Art University Museum, in Tokyo, 26 cylindrical brass display cases were designed to preserve the furs of the maison Fendi created between 1970 and 2013, representing the evolution of style and technique, as well as the balance between tradition and experimentation. The interrupted circularity marks dynamically a geometric layout played on symmetry: the continuous reflection of the space on the
mirrored cylindrical surfaces refers to the constantly changing perspective of the exploration.

Client: Fendi
Location: Art University Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Date: April 2013
Area: 1000 sqm
Exhibition Curator: Emanuela Nobile Mino
Design Project: Bevilacqua Architects | Marco Bevilacqua
Constructions and Production: RSP | Roger Samson
Light Design Intervention: Johanna Grawunder
Sound Intervention: Flavia Lazzarini
Graphics and Catalogue: Fermenti Design Agency | Federico Mancini
Technologies: Informasistemi | Fabio Conforti
Exhibitors Production: Brancalab | Andrea Branca

Photo: Fendi

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