Dangerous Luxury – Jewellery Display

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The Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana and haute jewellery designer Fabio Salini have united their creativity and knowledge to create a surprising collection of jewelry that fuses nature with luxury, questioning what is the real meaning of luxury nowadays. The exhibition “Dangerous Luxury” took place at the atelier of the jewellery designer Fabio Salini in Via di Monserrato 18, consisting of a collection of eight pieces – earrings, necklaces, a bracelet and a head piece – that  join precious and modest materials coming from nature. This formidable combination of unusual materials is featured in black glass parallelepipeds, designed by Bevilacqua Architects in order to emphasize the contrast.


Client: Galleria O, Fabio Salini
Location: Rome
Date: September 2013
Design Expositor Project: Bevilacqua Architects
Interior Design Project: mdaa
Exhibitors Production: Brancalab | Andrea Branca

Photo: Fabio Salini

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